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The Purpose of Life is to Live It

We all want to find our purpose in life. It is the great quest of every single human being. Yet, most of us do not know what we want.  We believe our purpose in life is to find out what you want and then spend the rest of your life living it. As Joseph Campbell would say, “Find what it is that lifts you up and moves you in the direction of your bliss. Head towards your bliss.”

Most of us do not know what makes us truly happy because we do not know what we want. If we do not know what we want, then how are we to recognize our dream life when it comes around?  We may know what makes us happy but damn near all of us dismiss them as unrealistic dreams! Why? Why would we dismiss our deepest desires? Because we feel we do not deserve them.

When we feel we are not worthy of receiving a gift, we train ourselves to either ignore or dismiss them each time they appear. For most of us, the training happened as a child. And now we live out our lives frustrated, wishing we had the ability to “just make something happen” but instead we slip back into our old ways and beat ourselves up for not having the power to change.

There is a way out.

Find a Coach

Success is personal. Only you know what it means to be successful. However, most of us are not specific and feel we are not worthy of getting what we want. We can help.
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Build Worthiness

Lifting self-worth elevates confidence which brings more opportunities. Building a foundation of worthiness in every client is the #1 mission of Motive For Life.
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Impact Speakers

Deliver the perfect event with an Impact Speaker from Motive For Life. Centered on the core concept of self-worth, an Impact Speaker drives home the motivational concepts we believe can change the world.
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Motive For Life Workshop

The Motive For Life Workshop is a 1-Day, highly focused gathering led by Robert Christiansen. You'll discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from your success and the changes necessary to move you to the next level.
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