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“The Bug In Our Brain” by Robert Christiansen

The new book from Robert Christiansen, The Bug in Our Brain offers a unique perspective on self-worth and how it can accelerate or sabotage success.

The world’s definition of success is constantly changing and we’re not sure as to where we should put our efforts. For decades we’ve been told to go to college, get a degree, secure a job with a great company, work, save, and hopefully retire to a beautiful sunset of a life well lived. Unfortunately, that’s not how things are working out. A college degree does not equate to a great paying job, the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company is 18 years – down from 61, and retirement funds are not protected from runaway Enron behavior. The ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting. Technology is moving faster than ever, disrupting every industry, turning long-standing careers on their heads. The tried and true definition of success is gone, never to return in color or form. We are left without a rudder.

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The Definition of Success Must Come From Within

This book is about self-worth, a term not commonly used and often misunderstood. Self-worth is, by definition, another term for self-esteem. Yet, when we press into the language of worthiness, we discover emotions that contribute to confidence but also sow the seed of self-sabotage. At its core, self-worth is the foundation of self-esteem, it is the root of confidence, it is the platform by which we decide our future, and the bat we use to beat ourselves. The purpose of this book is to elevate your self-worth and bring forth the desire and confidence to pursue your dreams.

The Bug in Our Brain details a program that lifts self-worth and changes how you go about achieving success. You’ll accomplish more in less time because you will no longer be fighting yourself. When you feel worthy of success, you naturally take actions that build a worthy and successful life. There’s no more fighting the subconscious desires and distractions that tear down your goals. You’ll smile and laugh more, be at peace with your progress, and feel like you are part of the human race.

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About the Author

Robert Christiansen is an executive, cloud computing and technology thought leader, entrepreneur, mentor, and master coach.  Robert is the President of Motive For Life, a professional coaching, event, and publishing company based in Lake Forest, CA. Robert’s 30 years as a mentor has led him to the discovery of the relationship between self-worth and sabotage behaviors that affects millions of people around the world. Motive For Life is dedicated to bringing this solution to the general public and elevating the collective worthiness of the human population.

Robert is also a Practice Lead for Cloud Technology Partners.  In this role, Robert helps clients solve the most challenging business problems. The cloud has brought great change and Robert is passionate about ensuring that self-worth is elevated in our professional and personal lives so we can work passed the fear of losing our jobs, and be ready to accept and take advantage of the incredible inventions and improvements headed our way.