Time to Re-Invent

Making a career change can be terrifying. Knowing when to jump to your dream profession is a matter of timing and good planning. An Impact Coach can help you succeed by establishing the foundation of mental awareness that enables success.

Catch the Problems Before They Happen

We believe there are two challenges to making the big leap.  The first is knowing what you want.  Most of us have a deep desire to do something meaningful in our lives, yet when pressed, we have only vague notions of what it really looks like.  Without a clear vision of our dream and tangible evidence of its attainment, we often miss it when it arrives.  The second challenge is being ready for success when it does arrive.   From time to time, we are all guilty of unconscious acts of sabotage.  In our experience, success is almost always certain.  The real problem is retaining success once it has arrived.  Success is often the time when we self-sabotage and stop doing the things that got us to the goal in the first place.

Time For A Change White

Learn from the Best

Impact Coaches are specifically trained to help you mentally prepare for success.  They will help you:

  • Define success in your terms – wealth, relationships, impact, and goals
  • Build a language framework that supports the attainment of your dreams
  • Identity sabotage behavior that drains us of our confidence
  • Build a platform of confidence that demands greater and greater heights of success