Building a Life of Sustained Success

We know, from experience, that achieving success is easy. We see it around us all the time. Building a life of sustained success is much harder. Unless we believe we are worthy of the rewards, we sabotage our progress and fall back to old behaviors.

This is why a Motive For Life Coach is necessary.  A Coach understands the challenges we face when success arrives and knows how to lead you through the challenging process of sustainable success.   Consider these typical examples of self-sabotage the destroy the foundation of success:

A Coach
  • Procrastination – Losing focus and confidence to take the next big step.  Procrastination typically hits after we attain a goal or see that the opportunity is real.
  • Anxiety – Fear and uncertainty that the success we just attained will not last – the shoe will drop – this can’t be this good.  Anxiety destroys your foundation of success.
  • Distraction – A common problem, distraction happens when we get close to a success and suddenly we stop focusing on our goal and look at another new shiny opportunity.  Distraction kills success and is the brother of procrastination.
  • Sabotage – For some, bad behavior is the unconscious killer of success.  Not understanding why we do what we do, we sabotage our success through gambling, drinking, sex, debt and many other forms of poor behavior.


The Guidance of an Impact Coach

Everyone needs someone to believe in him or her. Without support, we are likely to make mistakes and fall, creating a cycle of success and failure that is tiring and frustrating. An Impact Coach is your personal guide to achievement and your mentor once you arrive.   How many times have you attained a degree of success only to lose motivation and confidence? We beat ourselves up for not having the power to push through an obstacle and blame others for our failures.

The problem is our self-worth image. We must lift up how we see ourselves.

Your Impact Coach is specially trained to be your biggest fan – until you are! Through a series of exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions, your Impact Coach steps you through the program and guides you when the rewards arrive.