Building and Keeping Wealth

Wealth without happiness is difficult. We believe wealth is good and every human deserves the opportunity to attain wealth. However, our experience with hundreds of clients shows that attainment of wealth is not our problem. The real challenge is learning how to keep our wealth. Over and over we see people sabotaging their success in an unconscious series of actions that destroy their winnings.

The Motive For Life Program teaches you the behaviors necessary to attain wealth and the awareness to prevent the sabotage of your success. Your Motive For Life Coach is specifically trained to develop your core sense of self-worth which leads to greater opportunities. With each goal attained, with each success accomplished,  your self-esteem is lifted higher and betters the world in which we live.

Only That Which You Affirm

At Motive For Life, we gratefully lift your confidence and self-worth. With higher self-worth, the abundance of the universe flows into your life. Working with you, we build a platform of worthiness that radiates and attracts opportunities that match your deepest desires.  We love this work!