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How I Get Over A Mistake – Robert’s Friday Roundup for November 19, 2021

Hello Everyone!

November 19, 2021

How I Get Over A Mistake

This week I hit a curb while driving from 134 Freeway to the 2 Freeway in Los Angeles.  No injuries except for my bruised ego.

When you live in a world where nothing happens by mistake, you must look at every situation – good or bad – ask yourself, “why did this happen?”  What is the underlying cause of this event?

I believe my unconscious intentions manifest daily in life.  Negative voices and emotions produce adverse outcomes, and the same is true for positive voices and feelings.  The road I travel today was paved by the language, images, and emotions from yesterday.  Therefore, if I accept this as accurate, then every experience results from my prior thinking.

Hard stuff to truly accept when bad shit happens.  We readily take credit when good stuff lands in our lap.  However, getting responsibility for everything – good and bad – is a whole other level of ownership.

Back to the accident – I ran over a curb doing 65 mph!  What the hell was I thinking?  In truth, I wasn’t thinking; I reacted to a signal from my navigation system and ran over what I thought were white lines that separated the offramp from the main freeway lanes.  It turned out the white lines were a curb.

The result – $200 for a new tire, a $440 tow from LA to Costa Mesa, a $210 mechanic fee (friend deal), wasted 4-5 hours of a Sunday, car in the shop for two days, and seriously questioning my decision-making abilities.  Owning this situation (which could have been much worse) comes the acceptance of the issue and how I get over it.

Getting over a mistake is rooted in taking ownership of the outcome—humble acceptance of the situation and remedying the problem.  When I step into the solution, own it, and work on repairs, I feel better, learn the lessons, and feel better about myself.

Ownership is the key to getting through mistakes.

Sayings I Heard This Week

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you.” – Dana, my sports massage therapist
“All good things in life are on the other side of fear.” – Unknown
“You do not make mistakes.  Mistake make you.” – Unknown

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