Motive For Life Program

Success is only the start.  Building a meaningful life is much more fulfilling and gives us purpose.  We believe in one critical tenet of success – you have to feel you are worthy of receiving it.  Without the basis of worthiness, success comes and goes.  Without a platform of high self-worth, we cycle through success and failure, over and over.

The Motive For Life Program gets to the heart of our problem – the lifting of personal self-worth.  When you believe you are worthy of abundance, confidence and motivation naturally appear.  You see opportunities that were previously invisible.  Confidence flows and motivation springs forth from which there was none.

Self-worth is the key to all advancement.  High self-worth opens your eyes and enables you to accept the wealth the world has to offer.

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Whistle Impact Program

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Success is Easy – Keeping it is Hard

We know, from experience, that achieving success is easy.  We see it around us all the time.  Yet, keeping the success and building on it is much harder.  Unless we believe we are worthy of the rewards, we sabotage our progress and fall back to old behaviors.  Lifting self-worth is the key.

Everyone needs someone to believe in him or her.  Without support, we are likely to make mistakes and fall, creating a cycle of success and failure that is tiring and frustrating.  An Impact Coach is your personal guide to achievement and your mentor once you arrive.   How many times have you attained a degree of success only to lose motivation and confidence?  We beat ourselves up for not having the power to push through the obstacles and blame others for our failures.

The problem is our self-worth image.  We must lift up how we see ourselves.

Your Motive For Life Coach is specifically trained to be your biggest fan – until you are!  Through a series of exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions, your Impact Coach steps you through the program and guides you when the rewards arrive.

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