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Interview: Healing Trauma with Dr. Don Wood

Dr. Wood discovered a more efficient and effective solution for trauma using modern advancements in the study of neuroscience and cutting-edge proprietary techniques. The result has been the development of a revolutionary approach to performance improvement referred to as TIPP and NEURO XP.

Dr. Don Wood, Ph.D. developed the TIPP method after spending years researching how atmospheric conditions™ affect our minds and impact our lives. He went back to school later in life to get his Ph.D. in clinical counseling and psychology, to learn how to heal his daughter’s Crohn’s disease and his wife’s autoimmune disease.

In this special episode, Dr. Wood has graciously extended a discount and will get 15% off TIPP Digital Experience and limited spots for TIPP Personalized Experience at the reduced Founders Rate. for the audience to redeem this exclusive offer.


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