Business Meditation

Self-Worth and Meditation

The practice of meditation is an effective tool in elevating self-worth.  It slows down your thinking so you can catch the negative language, images, and emotions that are at the root of self-worth problems.  Meditation is brain training, and offers a way out of the never-ending chatter that erodes your confidence and motivation.  In business, it is hugely effective and delivers benefits that go well beyond our initial desires of money and advancement.

Meditation is a boat that floats on the surface of your busy life.  Instead of splashing in the chaotic waters of other people’s drama, you see clearly what you wish to accomplish and, most days, are able to navigate the rapids with ease.

the guide to business meditation

This free guide is from the book The Bug In Our Brain by Robert Christiansen and offers a collection of meditation lessons Robert learned while developing his practice.  The guide is your as our gift.