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Motive For Life Level Up Workbook – Robert’s Friday Roundup for November 26, 2021

Hello Everyone! – November 26, 2021

Motive For Life Workbook

After last week’s accident, I was able to find my footing again and move forward on the next project – the Motive For Life 90-Day Level Up workbook.  The idea came from a good friend (Paul Angles) while we were discussing goals for 2022.  “Workbooks are an excellent way for people to put your work into action,” Paul exclaimed.  “Plus they are easy to publish.”

Paul was right.  I already have the materials – all I need to do is organize them into a workbook and arrange for printing through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

So this week I’ve spent my early morning framing up the 90-Day program, using techniques from my coaching practice, courses, and MasterMinds.  We’ve been developing, testing, and publishing these exercises for over 7 years with an overwhelming amount of evidence to support their effectiveness.

Look for the Motive For Life Level Up workbook (working title) the second week of January 2022!

Sayings I Heard This Week

“We were made to understand ourselves.” – Jordon Peterson Podcast 
“You’ll never get light in your life unless you go through your shit.  Most people stop at their shit and stay there.” – Unknown
“Learn to live with unresolved problems.” – Randy M.

Daily Videos

Every day I post a new one-minute video.  Topics range from simple suggestions to the deep, philosophical ideas I ponder throughout the day.  All are rooted in the premise that higher self-worth is the basis of all advancement and the core of a great life.   Here are the social links:

The Motive For Life PodcastHow to Rewire Your Brain with Bob Doyle – The Motive For Life Podcast here

Bob Doyle is an Executive Coach and the  CEO of Boundless Living. Over the past 20 years, Bob has been helping people work with the Law of Attraction and transform their lives. He is best known for his role as a Law of Attraction expert and coach in the movie, The Secret. Since 1998, Bob has taught the principles of personal transformation through programs, live events, podcasts, coaching, and writing. Though still grounded in the Law of Attraction, Bob’s focus has shifted from the metaphysical aspects to the brain’s role in the process of reality creation.

Bob joins the Motive For Life podcast to explain the relationship between the brain’s neuroplasticity and manifestation. He describes why it’s difficult for many people to transform their lives and discusses why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for many people. He also shares the steps you can take toward changing your brain’s wiring and underscores the importance of being non-negotiable about the kind of person you want to become.

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Why Bob shifted his focus away from the Law of Attraction to the brain’s power to create reality
  • How meaning drives us into action
  • Why rewire your brain and what makes personal transformation happen
  • What makes personal transformation difficult and why people fail at the Law of Attraction
  • What it means to manifest on autopilot
  • Why Bob thinks it’s a waste of time to convince people about the Law of Attraction
  • The first steps toward rewiring the brain and the power of visualizing your day

Connect with Bob Doyle:


Convict Lake, CA – This photo was taken by my wife on November 4, 2022.  The hike around Convict Lake is spectacular, easy, and a heck of a lot of fun.  We found a shelter right out of a horror movie and had a lot of fun messing around!

Pallas Pens – Friends and Family

You might know that I have a little passion project making a line of refillable whiteboard markers.

Long story short, we just got our first shipment in and they’re looking great while using 50% less plastic than a typical whiteboard marker.

I thought I’d let you know since they make great stocking stuffers.

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Pallas Pens – Whiteboard Training!

Get your pens here:

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All the best, Robert

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