Motive For Life offers a whole new way of being, one that is defined by your intentions. You can live in a world of intentional life experiences. Through the Power of Worthiness and dedicated routines of language conditioning, you can change your experience from a life of random and unpredictable events to intentional success.

Side Hustles During COVID

Side Hustles and COVID is hard. Devon and Robert discuss the number of side hustles they have going during the COVID -19 lockdown. Hiring new employees or engaging consultants – Devon discusses how his company is balancing the need for full-time versus contractors. Also, Robert and Devon check-in with their whiteboard pen company. Surprised and shocked by the cost difference between the US and overseas.

How to Recognize a Great Opportunity

Picking your next opportunity is the difference between personal success or a waste of your time. There are five essential questions you need to ask yourself when assessing your next big leap!

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  1. How does the opportunity fit the phase of your life?
  2. What family or financial commitments do you have that are not aligned with the opportunity?
  3. What are you giving up? Are you exchanging money for equity? (Learn how not to get screwed!)
  4. What is your risk tolerance, and are you prepared for the ride? (Does the opportunity fit your life?)
  5. What are your blind spots? Are you painting red flags green?

As always, self-worth is at the foundation of every opportunity. When you believe you’re worthy of success, great opportunities come into focus.

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How To Nail Your Next Interview

Robert and Devon both interviewed candidates – Devon hired and Robert did not.  In this podcast, they both discuss what was important to them and why it matters to show up prepared for the interview.  To nail your next interview, you need to…

  • Know what you want
  • Prepare and do research on the company, job, and interviewer
  • Be authentic and transparent
  • Must have positive energy
  • Know something about the position
  • Have a list of qualifying questions
  • Ask difficult questions about your status in the interview
  • Smile
Why You Need a Coach

Why You Need a Coach

In this special podcast from Mammoth Lakes, CA, Robert recounts a fly fishing guide lesson that changed his life. The importance of finding, and paying for a professional guide was critical to his success – and it is to yours too!

Hiring the right coach
Paying top dollar for a seasoned coach
Showing up and learning
Be open to new ideas

Side Hustle and COVID-19

The Side Hustle and COVID-19

How do you maintain a positive attitude about your Side Hustle in the middle of the global crisis? You have a choice! Turn your attention to those things that build your positive attitude and take this time to invest in your passions. Devon and Robert discuss how they have moved their whiteboard pen Side Hustle forward and how they plan to deal with COVID-19 during this business start-up.

The Side Hustle

The Side Hustle

Devon and Robert discuss their side hustle of whiteboard pens and how they plan to change the whiteboard experience. Not content with the cheap whiteboard pen, the pair invested in their future and hired an engineer to make it happen.

Why Self-Worth Matters

Why Self-Worth Matters

In this interview, Robert Christiansen details why self-worth is at the center of all advancement and collapse.  High self-worth propels us to victory, and low self-worth drags us to the bottom of the sea.  Self-worth is the most critical aspect of your character building.

How to Observe and Control Your Thoughts

How to Observe and Control Your Thoughts

Robert and Devon discuss the need to observe and control their thinking as the primary way to live a better life.  Better thinking results in better decisions and better decisions turn into a better life.  When you’re able to witness and catch negative thinking, you’re able to change the direction of your thoughts and your life.

How to Make Today Your Best Day

Make a decision today is the best day of your life. Decide that no matter what, you refuse to let anything get in the way of your happiness.  This is a decision to lift your self-worth, to bring a higher joy to your life.  In this podcast, Devon and Robert discuss the steps you can take to make today your best day.

How to Make Today Your Best Day

Do you know what your best day is?  What would happen, who would you meet, and how would it unfold?  IN this podcast, Devon interview’s Robert about a breathing meditation practice that focuses on having ‘your best day.’  One thing is clear, without knowing what you want, you’re unable to visualize the day.  And without imagining the day, you are leaving the fulfillment of your best day in the hands of chance.  Learn how Robert focused his mind through breathing exercises and manifested his best day.