Lifting Self-Worth

The key to success is higher self-worth

Seminar People

4 Big Days of Discovery

Breakthrough the destructive and sabotage behaviors that limit your success.  Each day is a journey to unwind and replace the limited thinking that has blocked you from your dreams.

Language of Success

Success starts with what you tell yourself.  During this exciting workshop, you’ll learn how to identify damaging language and replace it words, images, and emotions that align with your purpose and what you want.

Your Success Statement

You will learn how to create a success statement and the techniques to permanently train your brain to retain your goals – 24/7.  No more fighting your own doubts and fears.  Using the Motive For Life process, you are in control of what you think and what you are able to attain.

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April 12 -15, 2018

Higher Self-Worth is the Key to Success

Come to beautiful Orange County in Southern California and learn the rare and unique skills to change your life.