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The Bug In Our Brain


The new book from Robert Christiansen, The Bug in Our Brain is a unique and fresh take on the relationship between self-worth and success. Filled with personal stories, examples, and exercises to clear the obstacles in life, The Bug in Our Brain is the definitive text and core teachings of the Motive For Life program.


The desire to meditate is strong in a lot of people but many are reluctant to ask for help. We often feel meditation is reserved for those who are more spiritually connected or have sat with a guru. Taken from his new book, The Bug in Our Brain, Robert Christiansen presents basic, simple to understand tips and techniques to begin your meditation practice so you can experience peace and elevate your worthiness. We hope you find it as beneficial as we do.


The Gift is the primary exercise from The Bug in Our Brain and designed to lift anyone’s self-worth. Key to the Motive For Life program, The Gift is a 90-day exercise routine that builds the foundation of self-worth in primary areas of your life including money, relationships, decision making, spirituality, business, and physical well-being.

The Side Hustle
December 1, 2019

The Side Hustle

Devon and Robert discuss their side hustle of whiteboard pens and how they plan to change the whiteboard experience. Not content with the cheap whiteboard pen, the pair invested in their future and hired an engineer to make it happen.

Why Self-Worth Matters
November 25, 2019

Why Self-Worth Matters

In this interview, Robert Christiansen details why self-worth is at the center of all advancement and collapse. High self-worth propels us to victory, and low self-worth drags us to the bottom of the sea. Self-worth is the most critical aspect of your character building.