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Robert’s Friday Roundup – October 22, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Friday Roundup – October 22, 2021

Transparency and Telling the Truth

Last weekend I had a significant breakthrough that led to several pivotal discussions – in both my business and personal lives.  I discovered that I need people more than I need my anger.  This realization has resonated within my bones for days – ringing true across all my relationships.  At the core of this discovery is the knowledge that ‘I need people’.  I need people like I need food, air, and water.

I’m grateful for this knowledge and must remember it whenever I get angry and resentful.

Pallas Pens – Stalled in the Harbor

Our inventory is stuck in the harbor of LA.  However, that is not the reason for the slow start of our sales.  I’m stuck in a Red Zone and struggling to take the next sales steps necessary to move Pallas Pens to the next level.  I’m certain the inventory that is floating in the LA harbor would magically arrive at our warehouse as soon as my partner and I come out of our fear.

Make no mistakes, we are stuck in fear, and moving the company forward is going to require getting off our asses and putting our egos at risk.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

Pallas Pens Social

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Money Mastery Course

The Money Mastery course was completed this week and I could not be more proud of the team.  They really pushed through difficult problems with courage and promise.  Every member is tooled up with the skills and knowledge to take their wealth to the next level.

Good job!

Daily Videos

Every day I post a new one-minute video.  Topics range from simple suggestions to the deep, philosophical ideas I ponder throughout the day.  All are rooted in the premise that higher self-worth is the basis of all advancement and the core of a great life.   Here are the social links:


The Motive For Life Podcast.
How I Wrecked and Recovered My Life – Motive For Life Podcast here

Sleep, Meditation, and Mental Health
Between last week’s courses and this week’s vacation to Mammoth Lakes, CA my sleep is a little unregulated.  This blows back into my life and my thinking, which affects my progress and decisions.  However, I am getting 7 hours minimum and that is a baseline.  If I get less sleep, I come apart pretty rapidly.

Meditation is consistent, finding 20 minutes every day except Friday (today) which I overslept.  Again, needed to catch up on sleep.

NEW – Listening to Sonic Yogi on Insight Time – Excellent and you can find him here.

Sayings I Heard This Week
“From burrito cook to top sales rep – what a trip.” – Jimmy
“Join me – Here in the eye of the hurricane.” – Lord Huron
“There is no wheel without the hub.” – Carole

Social and Feedback
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All the best, Robert

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