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Robert’s Friday Roundup – October 29, 2021

Hello Everyone!

October 29, 2021

The Three Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself

This week the focus was on these very important questions and how they elevate self-worth.  They are:

  1. What Do I Need Most Right Now?
  2. What Is My Highest Good?
  3. What Do I Need To Let Go Of?

These questions really pressed me in critical areas – forcing me to think about what really is important and what do I need “right now”, what value am I adding to the world, and what within me needs to go?  Listen to this week’s podcast where I dive deep into these questions and how I navigated them.

Sayings I Heard This Week

“A mind, when left alone, will drift to the negative.” – Unknown
“God is in the pause.” – Someone I ran into at the market
“It is good to have someone in your corner.” – Rick Perry

Daily Videos

Every day I post a new one-minute video.  Topics range from simple suggestions to the deep, philosophical ideas I ponder throughout the day.  All are rooted in the premise that higher self-worth is the basis of all advancement and the core of a great life.   Here are the social links:

The Motive For Life PodcastThe Three Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself – Motive For Life Podcast here
Sleep, Meditation, and Mental Health
Back on track!  I forced myself to get into bed no later than 9:30 pm every night this week.  The results are overwhelmingly positive.  I feel better and act better.Dehydration – I have a very hard time drinking enough water.  When I am dehydrated (drink less than 64 oz of water a day), my body feels poorly and I hurt physically.  The manifestation of physical problems as a result of dehydration look like the following:

  • Lower left leg tendon pain – discovered this problem during the week!
  • Red and or bloodshot eyes
  • Cough and heavy mucus in my nose
  • Stiffness in the joints, less flexible.

Mindfulness is the answer – pay attention to what I am doing.  I must drink enough water or I feel bad.  Simple equation but often one that gets overlooked.  I believe it is the Red Zone and a way to self-sabotage my body and emotions by limiting the water intake.

Self-worth and the Upper Limit are real and show up all over.  In my case, not drinking enough water is a Red Zone, self-sabotage behavior.  I must pay attention and watch for this!

NEW – Listening to Sonic Yogi on Insight Time – Excellent and you can find him here.

Pallas Pens – Found Our Pens!

Our pen inventory is in a warehouse in LA Harbor.  We are coordinating trucks to deliver the boxes and officially launch (with full stock) our products.

New – At the Whiteboard with Robert Christiansen – Video Series
I’ve developed a series of training videos that lift anyone’s confidence on the whiteboard.  In addition, I’ve looped in my leadership teachings on the whiteboard as well.  Hope you enjoy them!

Pallas Pens – Whiteboard Training!

Get your pens here:

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