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Robert’s Friday Roundup – October 9, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Friday Roundup – October 9, 2021

Always Pay More For Experiences

Before we get into it, last week I was on vacation in Bozeman, MT fly fishing.  It was a bucket list trip and one I’ll never forget.  Three rivers in three days.  Here’s the LinkedIn post with a nice trout!

Pallas Pens – New Videos, Fix to Shipping

Last week was dedicated to working out the bugs in our website.  Lots of issues with shipping and taxes.  The back-end systems are critical for long-term success and we needed to get them right.  We way underestimated the amount of work needed to nail the sit.  Learn from us!

Our patents are moving along nicely.  We filed in the US, EU, and China.  We get a lot of comments about manufacturing in China, mostly negative, which has not been our experience.  The Chinese are amazing and very good at what they do.  Our manufacturer is excellent.  We are happy with our products.

Pallas Pens Social

Get your pens here:

Money Mastery Course

It is clear the value of this course is WAY WAY more than what we charged.  All the MasterMind members are blowing the doors off their financial lives in only four weeks.  It is truly amazing to see this in action.  I encourage you to join the next one!

Daily Videos

Every day I post a new one-minute video.  Topics range from simple suggestions to the deep, philosophical ideals I ponder throughout the day.  All are rooted in the premise that higher self-worth is the basis of all advancement and the core of a great life.   Here are the social links:


The Motive For Life Podcast.
How to not look like an idiot – Motive For Life Podcast here

Sleep, Meditation, and Mental Health
Sleep has been excellent the last few weeks.  Between getting up at 5 am, working out, eating clean food, and hitting the sack by 9:30 pm, I feel amazing.  What is even more amazing is how much my mental state is affected by my physical wellbeing.   I knew this before but it has really hit home for me.  The better I take care of my body the better my mental and emotional state.

Who knew?

Food Recommendation

Costco Cauliflower Pizza – So good and 300 calories for a 1/4 of the pizza!
Raw Pecans – Low carbs and calories, nice healthy snack.

Spiritual Insight

Three times a year I sit down with for an Akashic Records Reading with Anne Marie Pizarro from Body Energy Connection.  Anne is my guide into the Akashic Records and is truly gifted as a connection to source information.  If you’ve never experienced an Akashic Records reading, set an appointment with Anne and you will not be disappointed.

Sayings I Heard This Week
“Have a beginner’s mindset.” – A monk
“You can do, be, have anything you want.  However, you cannot circumvent the necessary suffering to achieve it.” – Hanna
“Believers and supporters surround me.” – RB Christiansen
“I love who I am.” – Jeff Hauser

Social and Feedback
Please, send feedback to my Twitter account @robertmotive, check out this week’s one-minute videos on Instagram and TikTok, and let me know what you think about the leadership posts on LinkedIn.

All the best, Robert

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