Motive Weekly Roundup

Robert’s Friday Roundup – September 10, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Side Hustles
This week my partner, Devon Wayt, and I officially launched Pallas Pens, our whiteboard pen company.  We were tired of bad and wasteful whiteboard pens, we decided to re-invent the dry erase marker. Here’s the story. This side hustle was a great project, over two years in R&D, patents in the US, China, and EU, and lots of prototypes. But we got the first MVP done!

The pens are stuck in the conga line of ships at the Port of Los Angeles and should be in inventory shortly. We are taking orders now and will ship as soon as they arrive.

Bonus – We have a bunch of training videos as well. Check out the YouTube channel here.

Get your pens here:

Motive For Life launched a new Self-worth Mastermind course called Money Mastery.  It is every Wednesday night at 7 PM Pacific and will run for 6 weeks.  You can register here.
What I’m Reading
Just finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir – an amazing story and wonderful look into the world of space travel.  Loved the pace, characters, and humor.  Highly recommend it for anyone – however for those who are math and science geeks, the depth and breadth of Andy Weir’s “science” narrative is amazing.  Have fun with this one.

Podcast Interview
This week’s interview is with Makeala Addell – a professed “army brat” and optimist.  She coaches women on how to find their purpose, schedule, and plan time to attain their goal and do it with a positive mindset.  Makeala holds an MS Education, Literacy & Learning Specialization and a BS in Psychology.  She had powerful teachers who shaped her character early and hold strong positions in her life today as examples of how to be true to yourself and others.  Her practice is about helping women identify their purpose and making time to achieve them.  She was a wonderful guest.

Podcast here

You can find Makeala at

Sleep, Meditation, and Mental Health
I wake at between 5 and 5:15 am every day.  It’s a routine that seems to have stuck over COVID.  However, this week, I’m struggling with sleep-up a lot because I injured my ear in my woodshop.  Can’t roll over without a shot of pain.  So that rippled downstream into my sleep rhythms, disrupting the usual 7-8 hours.

Found myself bouncing around on Insight Timer, looking for teachers who go deeper.  David Ji is a go-to teacher that I like as he breaks down the key concepts of meditation and opens a space for me to settle my thoughts.  His most popular mediation is called Surrendering to the Silence Within – excellent.

David’s Insight Timer profile is here.

Eating and Drinking
Start my day off with a handful of supplements with 24 ounces of water first thing.  These include:

  1. Fiber from Costco – 8 capsules
  2. Multi-Vitamin – 1 tablet
  3. Fish Oil – 1 tablet
  4. Prostate Health – 1 tablet
  5. Juice Plus Vegetable, Fruit, and Berry Blend – 2 capsules each

Struggling to get 128 oz of water a day into me.  Manage to get 48 – 64 oz but that is not enough.  It is an overt act of personal will and I just seem to forget and look back on the day wondering why it didn’t happen.  Strange head of mine.

Sayings I Heard This Week
“If I am not working on it, no one is.” – Unknown
“Make a good thing out of bad news.” – Leon Bridges
“Start listening, stop imposing.” – Gary Vaynerchuk
“There isn’t a situation I can’t make worse.”  Unknown

Social and Feedback
Please, send feedback to my Twitter account @robertmotive, check out this week’s one-minute videos on Instagram and TikTok, and let me know what you think about the leadership posts on LinkedIn.

All the best, Robert

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