Motive For Life Workshops

Motive For Life Workshops

Motive For Life Workshop is for those who want to make a massive change and see the direct impact. These one-day events focus on building the skills needed to coach clients to their peak performance.

You can’t live a positive life
with a negative mind


During this 3-day program, you’ll learn how to leverage the principles of the program to achieve your definition of success:

  • Understand how learned-language is limiting your success
  • How self-worth is the key to success in all areas of life
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs of the Success Paradox
  • Understand how Red Zone behaviors are sabotaging your success
  • Develop a vision of success – as defined by you
  • Deepen your relationships with others walking this path
  • Learn how your Routine Engine can be trained to get what you want