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The Bug In Our Brain

The Bug In Our Brains

The Bug in Our Brain is the new book from Robert Christiansen focusing on the core causes of low self-worth, practices to identify sabotage behavior and easy-to-implement exercises to lift worthiness. The result of his own person trails, Robert shares his stories, accounts, and client examples that are deeply moving and compelling. His personal transparency is his power and he opens doors that are rarely unlocked.

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The Gift

The Gift is the core exercise from Robert Christiansen’s book, “The Bug in Our Brain”. The Gift is a set of readings, that when practiced every day, lift personal worthiness. These readings considerably accelerate the success process and change how you see your value as it relates to every aspect of your life.

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Guide To Meditation

The desire to meditate is strong in a lot of people but many are reluctant to ask for help. We often feel meditation is reserved for those who are more spiritually connected or have sat with a guru. Taken from his new book, The Bug in Our Brain, Robert Christiansen presents basic, simple to understand tips and techniques to begin your meditation practice so you can experience peace and elevate your worthiness. We hope you find it as beneficial as we do.

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