Robert has the unique ability to cut through, clarify and engage. He does this whether he is speaking to an audience of one or one hundred; whether the topic is technology, business strategy, or organizational or personal transformation. While others talk about where the puck is on the ice now, Robert can see where it is headed and understands how to empower organizations and individuals to move to where it is going. He does all this in business and his personal life with a respect, good humor and two feet planted firmly on the ground.

He does all this in business and his personal life with a respect, good humor and two feet planted firmly on the ground.


Before Motive For Life, I was struggling to get traction in my professional life and wondering if I really had the “chops” for creative, entrepreneurial pursuits out of the 9-to-5. I was also in a relationship that wasn’t serving myself or my partner well and had us both feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. In short, I felt stuck and like I was getting results in life that were far below my potential.

In connecting with Robert I was looking for a way to achieve personal and professional fulfillment, doing work that I believed in and which brought about the best in my skills and creativity. I was also hoping to increase my income as I had been just “getting by” for the previous year

When I put Robert’s system into practice I began to believe I was worthy of certain results in my life and things gradually began to “click,” especially within the first 3-6 months. It was almost as if opportunities and situations began to come to me as opposed to me forcing them to happen. Much of this work centered around changing my beliefs around what I was worthy of. The more consistent I was in the practices he recommended, the more results I achieved.

After a year working with Robert, I am in a much happier place regarding my relationship and am in a professional situation that I couldn’t be happier with – leading a team in a meaningful endeavor that has great potential to impact many lives. I’ve also doubled my income which has been a welcome surprise.

In the end, I feel fulfilled knowing it was me who did the work, but I can honestly say without his system and guidance I wouldn’t be in this position. I’ve read many self-help books but I believe his system brings a unique, overlooked element to the table that anyone can implement and be consistent with, as long as they truly want change.


Tim Berthold - Entrepreneur, Investor, Advocate

To Whom it May Concern,

Robert and I have been friends for many years and one day I wanted to meet with him to see what he was working on. There was an interesting positive air about how Robert approached issues and managed his life that I had noticed over time.

My life was alright but stuck in a pattern that was hard to maintain. I have always worked on acceptance and gratitude but was just going through the motions. My work and family life were stuck in bad patterns. Robert could see my quality of life was not where it could be and suggested we talk over coffee. During that meeting, he described the Motive For Life program and how worthiness was the foundation of all my choices. He believed that if I lifted my worthiness, my life would get better in every aspect.

I was a little skeptical but got some hope also. Self-help and motivation have been important to me for years but to say there is one key attribute to success was a bit much. However, my situation was not good and I was open to new ideas from someone I respected.

We started the program and I could feel the difference almost immediately. Through the readings and coaching sessions, we changed my internal language. It was not obvious how the exercises were working but I couldn’t argue with the results. Within the first 90-days, I saw changes in the way people treated me or my perception of them. My family situation has subsequently turned around and the relationships I have with my kids really took off.


Peter Davidson - President, COO of Lighthouse