Motive For Life

The Truth – Higher Self-Worth Is a Must

Don’t listen to this podcast unless you’re prepared to change your life.

Seriously.  You cannot ignore the message once it is heard.  

Once the truth is heard, you cannot go back to who you were.  Higher self-worth is the foundation of confidence, and confidence is the route to success – in any aspect of your life.  Every advancement came because someone felt worthy of it – that a change needed to happen to make life better!  

You are mandated to lift your worthiness.  Your family and community needs you to lift your worthiness.  When one person lifts their worthiness, the collective is lifted.  And when the collective is lifted, the whole human race is lifted.

Your purpose – from today forward – is to lift the collective worthiness of everyone you meet. 

Imagine it…what would life be like if everyone you meet wanted to lift your worthiness?  How amazing would life be if your friends and family only wanted to see your happiness?  Wow!

So, your mission is to lift worthiness.  Go!

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