Success = Self-Worth

We know that the upper limit of success is defined by each person's sense of worthiness. We provide practical, proven methods of raising self-worth, which leads to greater success and a better experience of life.
Produce the results for your life that matter in health, finances and relationships.
Our workshops have been proven in the Fortune 100. We train leaders and teams how to be their best.

How Much Winning Can You Handle?

At Motive For Life, we start with winning. This introductory course is a thrill-ride, designed to kickstart your success by racking up wins!

Join a group of other growth-minded individuals live on Zoom for 1 hour a day over 3 days. Led by our masterful success coaches, this is the boost you are looking for!
"I was fighting myself all the time.  Imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and feeling less than.  Robert and the team turned that around big time!"

Kevin Kreucher

"Game changer. This group lead by Robert and Martin has provided a system for me to continually break through my upper limits and achieve what once seemed like unattainable goals in ALL areas of my life."

Clay Morton

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Breakthrough FREE training and solutions to raise your self-worth and dramatically reduce negative self-talk. 
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Brain Science

Spoken or unspoken, our words have the ability to affect changes in our brain and body chemistry.  Research has proven that negative self-talk (NST) cause the release of hormones that increase stress, anxiety, and fear.  

By changing how we think and speak to ourselves, we change how we feel and act. New thought patterns mean new actions and new results. This is the science of self-worth

Our simple, proven methods have helped thousands of individuals raise their self-worth and replace their self-sabotaging behavior with positive routines... leading to jaw-dropping results.
  • Breakthrough financial success
  • Drastic improvements in health and well-being
  • Lifelong harmonious relationships

Our Unique Training

Motive For Life courses are build on proven techniques to reshape neural pathways.  Using skills and tools you'll learn in our courses, you gain agency over the words you tell yourself. Over time, your default human systems makes better choices - automatically.  

Live Courses

Attend live group classes led by the foremost experts in personal development and self-worth training.

Online Learning

Check out our catalog of affordable online courses. Track progress and earn achievements!

In-Person Workshops

Register for the Gift Weekend.  The Gift Weekend is a two-day intensive designed to discover and overcome our biggest barriers.

What people have gotten from our training...

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I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's workshop! I’ve been thru many of these classes, some lasting for days. This was the best interactive and laid-out presentation class I’ve taken.
Kevin Kreucher
Sr Director Grocery Outlet
Motive For Life taught me to set achievable goals and continue to build on small victories while elevating my self worth to align with my success

Thomas Gaffney,
Owner Gaffney Insurance
As someone who worked with Robert for years, I can highly recommend him as an expert who not only can help you build a culture of innovation and leadership but how to effectively communicate innovation to constituents whether they are end customers or investors.
Paul Miller, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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