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Read The Gift everyday.

The Gift is and will always be free. The Gift is a set of readings that when read for 90 days in a row, rewires our brain to recognize our value as human beings.

The Gift is our path to higher self-worth.

Reading #1 - The Gift

I am a gift.

Everywhere I go, people are happy to see me. They smile and encourage me at every step. Supporters and believers surround me.  

I am beautiful. Every part of my body is perfectly shaped and a gift to me. I see beauty in everyone and love every part of my body.  

I am awesome. I serve others because I like to help and receive incredible joy from their happiness. I love my fellow man in every way, and they love me.  

I am smart. I know that I can achieve anything I want and am willing to change my actions to achieve my goals. I see opportunity everywhere. 

I am a receiver. I’m open and willing to receive the abundance of the universe now. I’m wealthy in every way.  

I am forgiven. I’m forgiven for all the actions that hurt others, and I forgive everyone I believe harmed me.  

I am a gift and am worthy of love.
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