Less Reading More Applying

Jun 16 / Robert Christiansen
Reading about job hunting is like dreaming of fitness.

I get stuck thinking, deciding, worrying, wondering, predicting, discussing, figuring, and planning, wasting my time.

Nothing happens. I'm worried about making the wrong choice.

What a waste of my time

The job search starts when an application is submitted for a position. That's the start of measurable action.

Resume prep, LinkedIn profile makeover, cover letter proofing - all good stuff but mean nothing unless followed by applying to a position!

The more applications, the more likely we are to be noticed.

Agreed, we must measure our response rate, like any sales organization. Make changes to the product description (your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter language) and submit more.

Test, test, test!

Get going!

If you get an interview, go on it. You can always say, "No thanks" if they offer you the job!

Good problem to have!

If you need help crafting, positioning, getting a LinkedIn makeover, or having a solid ear to bounce ideas off of, get on my calendar, and let's talk. The link is below.

You got this.

I love you all
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