Lessons Learned From Taking The Wrong Job

Jun 3 / Robert Christiansen
Early in my career, I took an IT Support position instead of waiting for the programmer role.

I was impatient and scared. I was a C programmer, not a support person. I knew I'd made a big mistake but didn't have enough self-worth to admit I'd screwed up.

A recruiter found me the position. I'd given my word to the Company and was in a jam.

I remember saying, "Now, what do I do?"

I made it two days before I had to pull the plug. I couldn't do it.
I called the recruiter and the company to let them know I'd made a mistake. They were both rightfully upset.

I felt awful. I'd wasted people's time and was no closer to the role I wanted.

However, I did learn a valuable lesson. Although I could do a job, it doesn't mean I want to do the job. Money pressures forced me into a corner, and I made a mistake.

I want to do meaningful work with people who I like.

I appreciate IT Support people, but I do not fit the role.

We all want to do meaningful work with those we like.

I learned to anticipate problems and be prepared like having a cash reserve, building my personal brand, and keeping up with my network.

I know you want the same things. Take action and start changing what you can.

You got this.

I love you all.


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