My Latest Challenge Working from Home

Jun 14 / Robert Christiansen
Working from home has its advantages, as well as some challenges.

We have a new puppy from the German Shepherd Rescue.

Meet Ms. B (Beatrice).
My wife and I are fostering Ms. B. She is a 16-week Belgian Malinois (we think) and was found abandoned with two other dogs.

I love our new family member, but it blew apart my daily schedule.
Malinois are known for their intelligence and need for constant engagement. They have the nickname "Land Shark" because they eat everything!

But not Ms. B.

Ms. B is an exceptional puppy. She is super mellow and easily trained (she already sits, stays, and is learning to heal). She also sleeps a lot.

Ms. B is learning to poop outside. Today is her first day without incident!
It's only been five days! Super progress.

Thank God!

I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy and all the work it takes to train them.

Fostering German Shepherds is our way to give back while keeping our lives (relatively) intact. It is a short-term commitment.

Ms. B is available for adoption.

Working from home this week, I am also learning new ways to do my job.

Back to my motto: Problem? No problem.

Ms. B and I are working it out!

I love you all.
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