Resume - Your Most Important Sales Pitch

Jun 15 / Robert Christiansen
Your resume is the most important sales pitch you will ever make.

It is your opportunity to...

Make a First Impression

Since an AI bot is scanning most resumes, what impression do you want the AI bot to get? Once the AI bot moves your resume to the right people, what impression will they get?

Collect Data About You

No response to your applications? That's meaningful data. Low-paying offers from crappy companies? Meaningful data. What are you going to do with that data?

Take Ownership

Acknowledge the results of the most meaningful sales program ever. Did you get the desired results, or are you settling to get out of the "sales" game?

Change and Test Again

Like any other sales/marketing campaign, you must learn from your tests. Here are a few key variables you can change with each test:

  1. Multiple resumes for targeted roles. In the technology industry, there are multiple titles for the same role. Discover the titles, descriptions, and duties and have different resumes focused on the target company's posting language.
  2. Use an LLM to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing. Your LinkedIn profile needs to sell YOU. This is a simple task that many people do not do. Get it done.
  3. Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles. If you have social media profiles that do not align with how you want to be perceived, clean them up. You are fooling yourself if you think the prospective employer is not checking them.

Selling yourself is hard, likely the most challenging job any technologist professional can do.

You got this. Get on it.

I love you all
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