May 3 / Robert Christiansen

The Gift Readings

"The Gift" is a set of affirmations that I was inspired to write and give away freely. These readings serve as a practical tool in the everyday practice of building a more positive and empowering inner dialogue.

By reading "The Gift" daily, you can expect to see a significant shift in your mindset and self-talk. The whole thing takes about 7-10 minutes to complete. For best results, read "The Gift" every day to start your day for 90 days. If you can, do it in the mirror or use "mirror mode" in The Gift App. It may feel awkward at first. That is normal. If the use of the term "God" doesn't work for you, feel free to replace it with something that suits you. However you do it, just be consistent and you will see results.

Some readers have noticed results in as little as 7 days. By the 30-day mark, people often start noticing a shift in their self-perception and a reduction in negative self-talk. Around 60 days, the positive affirmations become ingrained. Readers find that their thoughts automatically lean towards positivity and self-support rather than self-sabotage. By the end of the 90-day period, reading "The Gift" will be a well-established routine. The positive language of the affirmations becomes deeply embedded in daily thoughts, consistently influencing actions and reactions positively.

If you miss a day, don't be discouraged. Keep at it. This is truly a Gift and you will not regret making the personal investment in doing this powerful practice.

Reading #1: The Gift

I am a gift. Everywhere I go, people are happy to see me. They smile and encourage me at every step. Believers and supporters surround me.

I am beautiful. Every part of my body is perfectly shaped and a gift to me. I see beauty in everyone and love every part of my body.

I am awesome. I serve others because I like to help, and I receive incredible joy from their happiness. I love my fellow man in every way, and they love me.

I am smart. I know I can achieve anything I want and change my actions to achieve my goals. I see opportunity everywhere.

I am a receiver. I’m open and willing to receive the abundance of the universe now. I’m wealthy in every way.

I am forgiven. I’m forgiven for all the actions that hurt others, and I forgive everyone I believe harmed me.

I am a gift and am worthy of love.

Reading #2: I Believe

I believe in the power of my thoughts. I know what I am doing and understand how to change my life.

I believe divine love shines from within me.

I believe self-worth controls my experiences.

I believe all is possible through higher self-worth.

I believe in prayer and understand how prayer works.

I believe money is how God flows material abundance to me.

I believe God sends me precisely what I think I am worth.

I believe I am love, peace, light, and beauty.

I believe in compassion and speak highly of all people.

I believe I am a beautiful example of success.

I believe my welfare comes first and I act accordingly.

I believe I am of maximum service to those who need me.

I believe I shape my world and experience what I want.

I believe I am the creator of my world.

I believe there is only one source and it listens to me.

I believe in myself—always.

Reading #3: My Life’s True Definite Purpose

I follow my highest desire and take action toward its realization.

I am true to myself and all men and women. I commit to treat them as I wish to be treated.

I always seek positive outcomes for all parties involved in business transactions and personal relationships.

I elevate my self-worth for the attainment of my true purpose in life.

I allow others to help me because of my willingness to help them.

I love all people, of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds.

I am one with all people and they are one with me.

I make great decisions and feel a deep sense of peace knowing my choices are always perfect.

I am the best I have ever been and know I will be even better tomorrow.

I am a winner—now and forever.
My success is preordained because I am the best at what I do.

I love my life and all those in it.

I am on the road to my true purpose and it is beautiful, glorious, and brilliant.

Reading #4: My Abundance

I receive the wealth of the universe.

Financial, personal, physical and spiritual prosperity flow into my life.

I accept the infinite intelligence of all ages and trust that it has my highest benefit and good at heart.

I freely flow money, wealth, and prosperity into my life.

It is done.

Reading #5: Advancement and Decisions

I always make the right decisions - 100% of the time.

I have sound decision-making abilities.

Every decision I make is perfect and exactly the right decision.

If a different decision is to be made, God will send me more information, and I will make another decision.

I always make the perfect decision - every time.

Reading #6: I Love Our Clients

I love our Clients.

They are the best Clients any company could have. They help us improve our products and services, and praise us when we do a good job.

My Clients are the best Clients anybody could have. They genuinely want to do business with us and help us wherever possible

Today, I will do my best to meet our Clients’ expectations of our products and services. I am committed to serving them to my fullest ability.

I love our Clients because they love to laugh with us.

I love our Clients because they teach us something new every day.

I love our Clients because I can talk to them for hours about my work. It makes my job enjoyable, and that is an AWESOME feeling!

I love our Clients because they take the time and effort to give good feedback that improves our products and services.

We charge a fair price for our service and our Clients are happy to pay it.

I love our Clients.

Reading #7

I am the luckiest person alive.

God flows good fortune to me and rewards my good deeds.

Everywhere I look, people are good at heart and want to help me achieve good things.

Money and prosperity flow to me easily with a genuine desire to please me.

I am rewarded by the Law of Compensation - or as others see it - luck.

Every opportunity in front of me is brought to me because I imagined it, thought it, and therefore my luck is precisely to the proportion I believe it to be.

I am the luckiest person in the world. Endless good fortune comes my way.

And I gladly accept it.

That's It!

Good job! Keep doing this every day. I love you and you are a Gift.