What To Do In A Re-Org

Jun 19 / Robert Christiansen
Another boss as the result of a re-org?

I've been there.

Assigned to a team you didn't ask to be on, with a boss you didn't pick?

I get it.

The lack of personal agency is a problem for large companies. Executives see the re-org as a way to improve performance but often do not talk to the team prior.

It rarely works, according to McKinsey, who says only 23% workout long-term.

However, it never works when the re-org is for cutting costs and there is WFR (workforce reduction).

When I was re-org'd to a team I didn't pick, I knew my days were numbered.

Because there was no way my underlying resentment and phony "team player" attitude would stay hidden. It was impossible.

I've tried to be a team player when I did not like the team, but I hated myself for being a fake, trying to stay employed and make money.

Here's what you can do.

1. Be honest with yourself. It's OK. Take ownership of the situation and face the truth. The truth is where we start.

2. Make a list of your options. Stay and bear it? Look for another internal team to join? Leave? Complete each section with the possible options.

3. Rank option difficulty. Be honest and rank each option from 1 (easy to do) to 10 (most challenging). Weigh each one and ask yourself, "How hard is this for me?"

4. Order them from Easy to Hard.

Now you have a list of options and their difficulty. You are no longer a victim and have personal power. You can decide what to do.

You have agency. You have choices.

Which one will it be?

You got this.

I love you all.


If you would like help with this process or need a helpful ear, book a no-obligation appointment and let's talk.
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