When AI Codes, Where Do Programmers Go?

Jun 12 / Robert Christiansen
When AI codes, where do programmers go?

I was a programmer for 13 years. I started with assembly on x86, then C, C++, C#, SQL, and many other languages.

Never did I think code would replace a coder.

How wrong I was.

Now, programmers are being replaced with code-writing systems.

Good ones that cost way less than human programmers.

Of course, I do not like it.

But I am not a victim, and neither are you.

We must shift with the industry, go where the puck is headed, and be ready.

If you have not acquired AI-related certs in your domain, get on it.

If you have a strong programming niche, ensure your value is communicated strongly on LinkedIn. Also, get certified in AI-related domains.

For those who want to go deep and build a future-proof career, book a call with me.

Let's talk about doubling your salary.

You got this.

I love you all
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