Prosperity Playbook
May 2024

Private coaching cohort with Martin Devon and Robert Christiansen.  Accelerate sales, close more deals, and make offers that are compelling.  Get clear on your goals, crush your negative self-talk, and map out your plan of action to make this year Your Best Year Ever.

Limited space and unlimited potential.

  • Format

    Live coaching
  • Starting date

    May 01, 2024
    09:30AM  PST
  • Max seats

    14 Dedicated Superstars
  • Level

    Those committed to personal and professional development.
Best Year Ever

Why should I join this powerful group?

Robert Christiansen is your guide and facilitator.  You'll gain clarity and confidence to take your next big leap.
You will:
  • Take full ownership of your present situation.
  • Know exactly what you want.
  • Get clear to the next steps to attain your goals.
  • Understand you negative self-talk and dismantle your NSTs.
  • Build new positive self-talk that matches you.
  • Build a rock solid CPR: Context - Purpose - Results
  • Learn to use the CPR as your accountability tool.
  • Enroll cohort members into your plan and gain valuable feedback.
  • Raise your self-worth to meet your goals.

Meet the instructors

Robert Christiansen
Founder - Motive For Life
Founder & CEO Robert brings four decades of team development from start-ups to F100 companies.
Robert is the author of "The Bug In Our Brain," an Amazon bestseller, and coached thousands of professionals in career and personal development.
Martin Devon
Partner - Motive for Life
Martin is a Partner at Motive For Life and brings 35 years of senior leadership experience building talented teams in entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare spaces. He has worked with companies varying in size from small / mid-sized businesses to the Fortune 500.