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Whiteboard Mastery

Learn the skills for whiteboarding that position you as an expert and help clearly convey ideas to any audience. Great for leaders, job seekers, coaches or trainers.
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Why should I take this course?


Leaders need to be able to organize team ideas and run meetings while providing direction and clarity to the team. Whiteboard skills are essential.

Job Search

Being able to effectively use a whiteboard in a job interview is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your value.


Being able to work with a client and capture their thoughts, as well as illustrate your key ideas on a whiteboard will enhance your effectiveness as a trainer.

Meet the instructor

Robert Christiansen

CEO and Founder
Robert is the CEO and Founder of Motive For Life. For over 10 years, he has been teaching practical skills to leaders to help them be more effective in their teams and careers. Whiteboarding is one very powerful skill he has developed and helped teach with incredible results.
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