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Resilient Leadership

May 23 @ 1 PM - 2PM Pacific
Do you find yourself feeling fearful or anxious after achieving success as a leader? Do you feel out of place in your new role as a leader although you know you deserve your promotion and are well-equipped for the job?

You're not alone. After speaking with thousands of leaders, we have learned there is a cycle that happens in leadership after achieving success. We are excited to share these ideas with you and help you own your value and success.

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01 — Webinar Topics

Resilient Leadership Webinar

Join us for a transformative webinar that talks about what makes a resilient leader and how you can foster those qualities in yourself and your teams.

Resilient Leadership Qualities

Get clarity on the key qualities you can cultivate to maintain and increase your success

Recognize Your Worth

Discover and take ownership of your own value and in the workplace and beyond

Break Through Barriers

Gain strategies to effectively navigate adversity during challenges with your team
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02 — Invest in yourself

Learn from leading experts in self-worth and success

This webinar features Motive For Life Founders Robert Christiansen and Martin Devon providing live instruction for a limited audience. They have trained thousands of individuals how to be resilient leaders and go after big audacious goals with incredible success.
03 — Testimonials

Here's what past attendees are saying

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"Overall, I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life. The knowledge and skills I gained have already had a profound impact on my relationships, career, and overall well-being. Truly life changing!! Thank you Robert!!"

Raul Vera

"An incredible toolkit with an amazing range of applications--from career to health to relationships. A great program: an antidote to the overwhelmed, a spur to the ambitious"

Andrew Letendre

"These courses helped me push my limits, level up, and repeat the process. The fundamentals are like a cheat code. I recommend these principles of boosting self-worth and identifying negative self-talk."

Gavin Lawrence

04 — Webinar hosts

Meet your webinar hosts

You will not want to miss this webinar live with the Founders of Motive For Life who have directly impacted thousands of lives and businesses with their incredible training.
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Robert Christiansen

Co-Founder & CEO Robert brings four decades of team development from start-ups to F100 companies.
Robert is a best-selling author in self-worth and has coached for thousands of professionals in career and personal development.
  • 30+ Years of experience in coaching self-worth 
  • Host to over 200+ webinars and trainings
  • Author of 2 books: "The Bug In Our Brain" and "90-Days To Higher Self-Worth"
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Martin Devon

Co-Founder & VP of Learning at Motive For Life Martin brings 35 years of senior leadership experience building talented teams in entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare spaces. He has coached thousands of individuals in leadership, communication, and self-worth.
  • 20+ Years of success in corporate leadership 
  • 15+ Years coaching personal development
  • Creative mastermind behind Motive For Life's live and online learning content

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