The Gift Readings PDF

Start your self-worth journey with this powerful tool that you can use every day everywhere.
  • A step-by-step guide to raising self-worth in less than 90 days
  • Daily affirmations that will shift your self-talk from negative to positive
  • A printable version that you can keep with you wherever you go
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The simple, practical, and proven way to build self-confidence, good habits, and resilience

  • Reading "The Gift" daily replaces negative self-talk with affirmations, boosting self-confidence and a positive outlook.
  • The routine of reading "The Gift" instills discipline and emphasizes self-care, reinforcing positive habits.
  • Regular engagement with "The Gift" enhances emotional resilience, helping to effectively handle setbacks with a positive mindset.
"I have rebuilt my life on a strong foundation of self-worth and gratitude. Beginning with something as simple as the discipline of reading the Gift every day, I now experience life with renewed joy, vigor and fortitude for all the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. I have improved my sleep, my diet, my exercise, my mood and my overall presence in the world. I look forward to building that incrementally day by day."
Tyler He
"Reading The Gift every day has given me a real sense of clarity and a stronger belief in myself. It provides reference points that guide my thoughts and actions throughout the day, reinforcing my goals. By starting my day with The Gift and reaffirming it at night, I've seen its principles manifest in my life, proving it to be a solid foundation for success."
Edwin Ho

Meet the author

Robert Christiansen

Founder of Motive For Life
Robert has been helping people raise self-worth and have breakthrough success for over 30 years. The Gift was a spiritual download given to him with the mission to give it away to the world.
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Reading The Gift aloud every morning will have a significantly positive impact on your self-worth and motivation throughout the day. This is proven by our clients to lead to greater levels of success and satisfaction in money, health, and relationships!
Robert Christiansen
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