The new book from Robert Christiansen, The Bug in Our Brain offers a unique perspective on self-worth and how it can accelerate or sabotage success.  Learn how to lift self-worth and attain your goals.

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Learn advice you can apply every day. By making a few changes in your routine, you’ll open the doors of success and experience a whole new world of opportunity. Higher confidence and self-worth is near…but you have to grab it.

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Start now!  Download The Gift for free and take the first step towards changing the language, images, and emotions that hold you back.  The simple exercise cost nothing and is credited by for their success.

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Success is personal. Only you know what it means to be successful. However, most of us are not specific and feel we are not worthy of getting what we want. We can help.

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Lifting self-worth elevates confidence which brings more opportunities. Building a foundation of worthiness in every client is the #1 mission of Motive For Life.

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Deliver the perfect event with an Impact Speaker from Motive For Life. Centered on the core concept of self-worth, an Impact Speaker drives home the motivational concepts we believe can change the world.

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The Motive For Life Workshop is a 1-Day, highly focused gathering led by Robert Christiansen. You'll discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from your success and the changes necessary to move you to the next level.

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The Gift is free. These short and highly impactful exercises form the foundation of change. By building self-worth, we open the flow of positive energy and become more receptive to the opportunities that are in front of us.


Motive For Live offers booklets, images, and videos for personal and organizational growth. Useful and meaningful content that is free of charge.


Praise for Robert Christiansen and The Motive For Life Program

“Robert Christiansen is an incredible speaker and the world-renowned expert in self-worth and success. He speaks from the heart and delivers a message that is truly needed in the world today. Audiences are engaged and inspired and event organizers will find that he is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. His work with Motive For Life is raising self-worth and creating success for every client and company that has the good fortune to work with him.” – Joe and Alison Williams, Joe Williams Communications 

“Robert is an amazing business and life coach. Prior to working with Robert, my business was doing well but it was just average. I had another business coach, but I didn’t feel like he understood what I was really struggling with. Robert and I sat together and his insight hit me like a ton of bricks. From that point forward, my business transformed almost overnight and my outlook on myself and self-worth elevated significantly. As we focused on the core factor of self-worth, everything around me elevated and success followed suit. Now, I own two businesses that I am passionate about and give me great satisfaction. I don’t work anymore; I do what I love and simply get compensated. I am grateful for Robert’s insight and his ability to challenge me to be better than I thought I could be.”  – Ernie Medina, CEO, and Founder of TRB Training

“People come as they are into Robert’s life – as a client, a friend, a colleague or a peer – and are given the gift of space to transform. He shares his experience, teaches what he can, allows personal inquiry and exploration, and provides encouragement and support for each individual to be who they are. Robert is a force for change in this world – change for the better- and he shows others what he has found himself, that the most important change comes from within.” – Emily Lane, Founder of Advance Soul Recovery

“Human psychology is a complex realm – why do we do the things we do? Robert and he Motive For Life program have the unique gift of understanding that very question and inspiring each of us to see our own true possibilities. He has been a mentor, friend and at times colleague, for many years – without his guidance, coaching, and leadership, I would not be the man I am today. I personally know hundreds of other men and women who can say the same.” – Josh Hedaya, VP Business Development