The Success Mindset

Success Comes Easy

Working with a Motive For Life Impact Coach will accelerate your success. By making a few simple changes to your daily routine, you’ll open the door to new opportunities and find success fast. However, we have found that gaining success, and keeping success are two totally different, and very distinct, skills.  We help you attain, and keep, your success.

Handling Success

At Motive For Life, we know the real issue facing our clients is handling success.  Attaining success is relatively easy.  Yet we have a difficult time maintaining and building on the success we attain.  We see it in every corner of life – from sports figures and actors to executives and businesses.  For most, we do not know how to keep our success.

Find a Coach

Success is personal. Only you know what it means to be successful. However, most of us are not specific and feel we are not worthy of getting what we want. We can help.

Build Worthiness

Lifting self-worth elevates confidence which brings more opportunities. Building a foundation of worthiness in every client is the #1 mission of Motive For Life.

Impact Speakers

Deliver the perfect event with an Impact Speaker from Motive For Life. Centered on the core concept of self-worth, an Impact Speaker drives home the motivational concepts we believe can change the world.

Motive For Life Workshop

The Motive For Life Workshop is a 1-Day, highly focused gathering led by Robert Christiansen. You'll discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from your success and the changes necessary to move you to the next level.

The Gift

The Gift is free. These short and highly impactful exercises form the foundation of change. By building self-worth, we open the flow of positive energy and become more receptive to the opportunities that are in front of us.


Motive For Live offers booklets, images, and videos for personal and organizational growth. Useful and meaningful content that is free of charge.

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