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Today's hybrid, geo-dispersed employees need clarity of goals, empowerment, and trust of their leaders to make decisions.

We offer a unique and effective method of building self-managed teams that drive innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled results.
  • Sales Mastery
  • Leadership Offsite
  • Team Communication
  • Strategic Goal Alignment
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what we do

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The Offsite

The groundbreaking Motive For Life Offsite is where leaders and teams come together to clarify "what's next?" Our two-day workshop unites groups and clearly articulates what is expected for the next 90 days.

The Leader

Leadership development is critical in the transition to self-managed teams. We work with our leaders to prepare them to transition from being "in the business" to "on the business."

The Team

Self-Managed Teams are the key to growth, speed, and culture. The Durable Innovator, Self-Managed Teams program, moves groups from slow, top-down management to nimble committed teams with clearly defined outcomes.


Some feedback from our clients

Our in-person workshops have helped business leaders gain agency, empowering their teams so they can stay focused on what matters.

“Best interactive and laid-out presentation”

Hi Robert, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's workshop! I’ve been thru many of these classes, some lasting for days. This was the best interactive and laid-out presentation class I’ve taken.

“What it takes to be a great leader”

Thank you for teaching and showing many of us what it takes to be a great leader!
Grace evans

“Profound insights and transformative guidance.”

Robert's workshops have truly expanded the horizons of my life, unlocking a whole new dimension. I wholeheartedly recommend Robert and the Motive For Life team's services for anyone seeking profound insights and transformative guidance.

Joe block

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About Us

Robert Christiansen
Robert brings four decades of team development from start-ups to F100 companies. Robert is the author of "The Bug In Our Brain," an Amazon bestseller, and coached 100s of professionals in career and personal development.
Martin Devon
Martin brings 35 years of senior leadership experience building talented teams in entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare with companies varying in size from small and medium-sized businesses to the Fortune 500.

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