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Numerous studies have linked Negative Self-Talk (NST) to higher cortisol levels, a natural hormone produced by stressful situations. High levels of cortisol are linked to multiple health-related problems. By reducing our NST and increasing Positive Self-Talk, we can lower cortisol levels and reduce our stress.

The Crushing Negative Self Talk course is our first step to discovering the internal language that keeps us locked in a cycle of negative voices that never seem to stop. We learn to identify NSTs, intercept them, and reduce the volume to move towards our best life.   

Why should I take this course?

Identify Core NSTs

Negative Self-Talk (NST) keep us in pain and hold us back from our dreams.  We learn to identify and label core NSTs when they pop up, giving us the opportunity to use tools to right size them. 

Personal Coaching

Included with your tuition is personal 1:1 coaching with the instructors, who have helped thousands crush their negative self-talk.

Experience Freedom

You'll learn how to dismantle negative self-talk using the Motive For Life Method and experience real freedom to do what you want.

Be Successful

Self talk impacts work performance, team interaction, and opportunities for growth. Improving self-talk slingshots all of these areas and opens a secret world of success.
"Overall, I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life. The knowledge and skills I gained have already had a profound impact on my relationships, career, and overall well-being. Truly life changing!!"
"To think back to the difference between where I was for the past several years, even up to a few months ago, and where I am today, well, that’s a boundless world of difference. It feels like I can finally breathe again, sleep again, laugh again, and live again without having a crushing weight on my shoulders."
"These courses helped me push my limits, level up, and repeat the process. The fundamentals are like a cheat code. I recommend these principles of boosting self-worth and identifying negative self-talk. Thank you!"
"The Crushing NST course was awesome! It was a great course to grow personally in a positive way and find strategies to squash the negative talk that can go on in our head that diminishes our value and success. Both Robert & Martin did a great job and are real and transparent in the course and process. Thanks!"
Steve DeLaura
"Crushing NST course facilitators Robert Christiansen and Martin Devon created an environment of warmth, honesty and transparency that opened a new avenue of self-awareness for me. I left the program with a renewed enthusiasm and optimism for exploring and overriding limiting beliefs and messaging that, though subtle, might still undermine my efforts to achieve my professional and personal visions. Excavating those messages has been powerful and reaffirming. I'm grateful to Robert and Martin for their expert and generous coaching."
"Great session and information pertaining to mind and limitations that hold us back from achieving higher versions of self.  Usefull tools and examples... Eye opening and priceless if you want to achieve better results for your life."
Andrew Banks
"It was a transformative process to participate in the Crushing Negative Self Talk course from Motive for Life. It's one of the best courses I've taken. I highly recommend Motive for Life."
jenson crawford
"I’ve been doing personal development for more than a decade and the quality of this content is up there with the best in the world. Highly recommend."
jeff brogger

Meet the instructors

Robert Christiansen
Founder - Motive For Life
Founder & CEO Robert brings four decades of team development from start-ups to F100 companies.
Robert is the author of "The Bug In Our Brain," an Amazon bestseller, and coached 100s of professionals in career and personal development.
Martin Devon
Partner - Motive for Life
Martin is a Partner at Motive For Life and brings 35 years of senior leadership experience building talented teams in entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare spaces. He has worked with companies varying in size from small / medium-sized businesses to the Fortune 500.