Everyone is worthy

Our mission is clear - raise the self-worth of everyone on the planet. 

Negative Self Talk is a chronic symptom of low self-worth. When we do not feel worthy of receiving something, we will talk ourselves out of success in money, health, and relationships. We must build self-worth to achieve the things we want and keep these achievements.

The path to building self-worth is through awareness and practice.  We've have over 30 years of experience helping people to build their awareness and establish positive routines with amazing results.
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"Overall, I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life. The knowledge and skills I gained have already had a profound impact on my relationships, career, and overall well-being. Truly life changing!! Thank you!!"
raul vera
"A boundless world of difference. It feels like I can finally breathe again, sleep again, laugh again, and live again without having a crushing weight on my shoulders."
Tyler He
"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's workshop! I’ve been thru many of these classes, some lasting for days. This was the best interactive and laid-out presentation class I’ve taken."
Kevin Kreucher
"A system for me to continually break through my upper limits and achieve what once seemed like unattainable goals in ALL areas of my life."
Clay morton
"These courses helped me push my limits, level up, and repeat the process. The fundamentals are like a cheat code. I recommend these principles of boosting self-worth and identifying negative self-talk."
Gavin Lawrence
"An incredible toolkit with an amazing range of applications--from career to health to relationships. A great program: an antidote to the overwhelmed, a spur to the ambitious"
Andrew Letendre
"Truly expanded the horizons of my life, unlocking a whole new dimension. I wholeheartedly recommend Robert and the Motive For Life team's services for anyone seeking profound insights and transformative guidance.
Joe Block
"An environment of warmth, honesty and transparency that opened a new avenue of self-awareness for me. I left the program with a renewed enthusiasm and optimism."
Jae Gordon
"Eye opening and priceless if you want to achieve better results for your life."
Andrew Banks
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Our mission

Our mission is to raise the self-worth of all people and crushing negative self-talk.  We will create a better everyday life for many people and bring inspiration and innovation to everyone

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Win Streak Challenge

Live on Zoom! Get coaching and inspiration on how to make winning a daily activity.
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Prosperity Playbook

12 Week Intensive, Life-Changing Mastermind Group. Get the playbook for a prosperous life.
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Self-Worth Foundations

Free online self-paced introduction to self-worth and how to build it.

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Robert Christiansen

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